Friday, January 7, 2011

It's January!

Unfortunately, I don't think this is the month.  My new personal goal is the start of February!  It would have been really nice to do her surgery right now, but it also would have been very difficult, and I know we're on our way even if it's a couple of weeks later.  We still have about 2/3 of the money to raise for her surgery, and to help it along I'll be working booths this month (I'll give you dates when I know 'em!) and offering handmade doggy sweaters, treats, and other crocheted items in exchange for donations at my Etsy shop here.  Everything I raise on Etsy goes right into her fundraising folder in its entirety, same as paypal donations here.

You can special request something in exchange for a donation by leaving a comment here or emailing me at  However, please keep in mind that it may take me a couple of weeks to make it, and definitely talk to me before donating if you wanted something to be made.  :)  Our most important fundraising tool, though, is word of mouth!  Please pass this website on to everyone you can!  We're gettin' there.  :)

We took Penny into the vet today because it seemed she was going into heat - she spent several days spotting around our home despite the scar on her belly that we thought was from a spay.  The vet (a wonderful man named Dr. Bond at Southwood Valley Animal Hospital) suspected that the long mark we thought was a scar might only be from her umbilicus.  He weighed her in at 51.8 pounds (yay!  Finally at a perfect weight!) and thankfully didn't even charge us for the short visit.  He warned us that she was definitely in heat, but we don't let her out unleashed anyways and don't own any other dogs, so she should be just fine.

Unfortunately, I don't think the clinic she'll be getting her surgery at will do two different types of surgeries at once, nor do I think it would be wise anyways.  Since getting her leg fixed up is my priority, I think we're going to tackle that first, then get her spayed after she is fully healed, recovered, and active again.  In the meantime, she's scheduled to get her rabies vaccination and heartworm test (so I know it's safe to put her on preventative regularly) next week, which is a good next step.  All that's left after that is microchipping...and fixing that leg, of course!  Then she'll be all caught up!  :D

We put up a baby gate in the hallway to move along introducing her and the cat, too.  So far she's being a very good girl about it, but the cat has a deathwish.  First thing Basement Cat did was jump the barrier and sneak up on the back end of the dog.  I can't do my part if she doesn't do hers!  She hasn't tried anything since and we've done a little reinforcing to the barrier to prevent future mischief.  Penny's doing great - it's just that darn cat.  ;)

Here are a couple vids of Penny being Penny!

Penny hurled in the car ride back from the vet's office, so I was trying to wash off her paws with the watering can. Of course, she thought I was watering her. :p

And that would be Pennybobenny trying to open her tennis balls all by herself. She was so excited about them!

Okay guys, I'll give you more updates when I have 'em!  In the meantime, spread this site around and let people know about Penny and her leg surgery.  Remember - every single penny helps, so tell as many folks as you can!