Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Been Forever Since I Updated This!

Penny is doing wonderfully.  :)

She healed perfectly, has recently been spayed, and we even have a giant yard for her to run around in now!  We also got her a friend - a fostered lab named Lanie that became a pet.

The only complication she's had was very recently, when I noticed her favoring that leg again.  Terrified that something had gone wrong with her repair, we rushed her to the vet.  Well, actually we checked her paw for burrs first, THEN we rushed to the vet.  Anyhoo, the vet started at her toes and examined up - and as soon as he got to her knee there was a *pop.*

It turns out that either the injury, or the surgery to fix the break, caused the tendons that hold the knee joint in place to slip a little out of place, allowing the joint to move in ways it shouldn't sometimes.  It's good it isn't a dire, immediate fix, because Penny's scheduled to be my fiance and my flower girl at our wedding in November!

It can be fixed, though, once we have a little cash saved up, and in the meantime she has painkillers for when it gets to really bothering her.  Nothing stops her from tearing through the yard (or her dog beds), though!  True to her pittie nature, she never really acts like she's in pain.  In a few months, though, we'll have the moneys to get her in to the local ortho surgeon and get his opinion on how to best fix it up.

I'm just so glad her leg is stable and she's doing really terrific!  THANK YOU to everyone who helped out!  Here are some pics/vids of Penny (and Lanie, of course, they go everywhere together!):

When they first got a GIANT yard (after our apartment flooded and we had to move out a little early)!

Lanie taking Penny for a walk!

Penny's gigantic goofy grin

Yeah Penny, no one was sitting there, s'coo.

Penny's pout - after our apartment flooded we spent about a week in a motel.  She was not allowed on the first.

And giving her a bed of her own was also not enough.

Chillin' in the yard.

Glomping in the yard.

Why, that's a Penny on a box!

And that's a Penny on a car!

And that's a Penny on a me.

Lanie chasing Penny around with a litter box.

Rolling in the dirt after a bath is her favorite thing to do, hands down, I swear.  :)

New toy time!!!