Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update Time


Fundraising lately has been slow, which is mostly my fault. I had my finals last week and kind of dropped the ball on a lot of opportunities. The rest of this week and next is going to be fundraising on hyperdrive! I wish I hadn't lost that time, but hopefully we'll still make enough in time to get Penny's surgery January 3rd, which is the first Monday after we come home from Christmas vacation (and the first one of the new year!). Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully.

We're still at $171.04, so if you know ANYONE you can pass this website on to, or anywhere that might put up a little sign for us or something, we'd really appreciate it!

I called the Animal Trustees of Austin today to find out what the deposit would be that's needed to reserve her operation date. They told me I needed half of the surgery cost - but there's no knowing until she goes under whether it will be 300 or 900. I asked which one to go with, and they guessed to just provide half of the largest sum - which would be $450. Welp, we don't have that yet, so I can't reserve her date just yet. Kind of a depressing thing to hear, since the operation might only cost 300, but if it does that just means we can give the rest to God's Little Creatures. Wouldn't that be an amazing holiday gift? :)

Here are a couple of photos of Penny I took recently that I just can't get enough of, they're so cute!!

And here's a video of her on one of our runs.  She LOVES to run, believe it or not!  She waits until I'm on the opposite side of her injured leg, then looks up at me and waits for me to go, then she dashes ahead!  At the beginning of the video she's looking at the dude who's chopping down all the trees outside of our place (uncool).  I think it freaks her out.  Here it is:

Okie dokie, I've got a great many things to attend to.  I'll let you know when there's more news!  Until then, tell everyone you know about Penny!  :D

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