Monday, February 21, 2011

Recheck #1

No pet heals quite the same, even from the same procedure, but it's always better to be safe than sorry if one suspects something's gone wrong.  We chose not to take any risks with Penny, because this close to the finish line, nobody wants to hear that there were complications!

Saturday afternoon we noticed Penny's leg had become very swollen - not at the site of the surgery (which was up near her hip), but further down toward her hock.  It was very squishy, like it was built up fluid, but didn't feel hot or anything.  We called the ATA right away and made an appointment to have her recheck one week early - Monday morning.

So today we brought her in and they checked her out, and thankfully, it's not an infection!  We just need to do warm and cold compresses on her until the swelling goes away, and she should be good to get her stitches out in a week (in town, thank goodness).  In three weeks (March 2nd) we'll bring her back to Austin for x-rays to make sure everything stayed in place and is healing well, and we'll go from there!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far!!  I'll keep ya posted.  :)

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