Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healin' up

Now that it's been a couple of days, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of how her incision is healing up.  The goof has decided that she's completely better now, and doesn't need to stay off the leg, be kept in a box, or not bounce around.  We think quite differently!  The silly girl's got no clue how close she came to being a tripawd!

Day 2 - healin' right up!

We're having a lot of issues with the e-collar right now.  The plastic one they gave us was fairly crude and kept her from laying down, using the restroom, eating, drinking, etc.  To take her outside  you had to help her out of the kennel, remove it, carry her outside and let her do her thing, carry her back in, put her in the kennel, then reattach the collar while she was in the kennel because she can't turn around once it's on.  Or lay down.  Or look side to side.  I wouldn't wish that thing on my worst enemy.

Her best pouty face!

So we tried something called a procollar, and it seemed to be working a lot better.  She could go everywhere without having to remove it, and it seemed to keep her from messing with the incision without seeming to destroy her hopes and dreams (she gets oddly melodramatic about the collars, more than her leg!).  Just this afternoon, though, I caught her licking the ouchie!  Drat!  So she's back to the yucky plastic cone until I can rig up something more comfortable but effective.  With no bandaging on her leg, it's extremely important to keep it clean.  I don't think she'd be so happy if we let it get infected and she had to go back to Austin early!

It sure is pretty, just not very effective right now.  Lookit those perky ears!

In the meantime she's a very enthusiastic, happy girl.  I can't wait to see her when we finish with our last checkup appointment and she gets a great big thumbs up!!

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