Saturday, February 5, 2011

We All Did It!!!

You guys are amazing!!!

Thanks to God's Little Creatures, the amazing community, and everyone who knows and loves Penny online, we have reached our goal of $900!

I've taken the donate buttons down, but if you would still like to donate you can give to GLC, who always needs supplies and donations to help other pups in need.  You can contact them to arrange a donation using their Petfinder site here.

I tried to arrange a surgery date to reserve today, however, the vet and vet tech who arrange the special surgeries won't be in to help us set a date until Monday.  They'll call me, and we'll get that date set in stone!    Exciting!  She's almost there!

Here are some pictures of Penny playing in the snow we had this week:

She loved it!  It was actually hard to convince her to go back inside, despite the fact that we couldn't find her sweater before going out!  What a goof.  :)

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