Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Things have been very hard on everyone lately; it seems like it's going around.

But not Penny!!

We have had an AMAZING outpouring of help here just in the past couple of weeks, and now...we are only $70 short of our goal!

We had a few extremely generous personal donations, as well as a TON of aid from a project God's Little Creatures has been working on for a very long time!  Saying that I owe those amazing people is a bit of an understatement.

Not all of the aid is in one place right now, as some of it is in Paypal, some of it in her literal folder, and some with GLC, but as soon as I can get enough of it in one place I will be able to pay her deposit ($450) and secure a surgery date.  Hopefully that will be somewhere in the next couple of weeks!!  :D

Regardless of our good fortune, I am still organizing a Pizza Hut night for GLC's benefit and planning on working several days out in front of our local Kroger.  Those may be after the surgery, depending on how schedules fall, but rescues give so much that any time is a good time to give back.  I'll let you guys know when those are scheduled so you can come out and enjoy some yummy 'za for a good cause!  ;)

So how is Penny doing, anyways?

Penny is doing pretty good.  Except for her leg, every other normal I-was-a-lost-dog-now-I-need-tests-and-shots need has been covered.  The goofball even thought her heartworm preventative pill was a treat.  Hey, I'm not complaining!  She's got all her records down pat and is ready for that surgery whenever it comes!

Unfortunately, at one point last week I came home from work and let her out of her kennel to find her not using her hurt leg at all.  She had been working up more and more to using it all the time, even standing on her hind legs sometimes when she wants up (not by encouragement - all her own stubborn doing).  Now, however, she's back to lifting it when she runs and favoring it quite a bit.  I don't know if she rolled over wrong in her kennel, or what happened, but I'm enthusiastic to get that leg fixed up ASAP.  Since that day it seems like her activity level has really gone down, except for when she's visiting her new bestest friends, which could be a very likely sign of pain.  It'll be good to get this out of the way and start the healing process and a brand new life.

Also, because you people are all so ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and have been here, with Penny, every step of the way, here are a few more goofy pictures.  :)

It's a little dark, but here we see the creature Pennicus Bobennicus in a bright, pink feather boa performing the classic tongue-to-the-nose maneuver.

And this oh-so-flattering shot is Penny climbing on my shoulders, pretending to BE the feather boa.  We were in a rocking chair.  Wooh!

And these would be home-baked doggy treats.  Guess which one is Penny's?  ;)

I promise this isn't the end of Save a Penny.  I'll post as soon as we know more and all throughout the healing period, right up until my lil girl is back to full puppy-health!

See you guys soon!

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